I have been the town Supervisor for the past three and a half years. From snow plowing to paving, to law enforcement and disaster preparedness, to summer camp and youth activities, etc., town government has a core duty to serve the people, and I am proud of our many accomplishments. It’s my strong belief that we should operate in a proactive, rather than a reactive manner, and that takes a hands-on Supervisor with the knowledge and work ethic to get the job done.


As an artist, I bring a perspective that lends well to collaboration and creative problem solving. Germantown is exploding with new energy, and we need to find ways to encourage economic growth while preserving the town’s character. If on the board, I will strive to build community, focus on sound environmental strategies and housing issues as well as supporting all the work the parks and waterfront commission has been doing. I look forward to being able to give back to this town, which I care so deeply for.


My parents and grandparents all dedicated their lives to public service, and I’m eager to follow in their footsteps. The difficulty of this past year has further inspired me to do more for our town. Coming together with a shared purpose strengthens a community, and I see so many opportunities for that in Germantown. If elected, my focus would be on building bridges within the community, listening to folks’ ideas and concerns and working to make this a great place for everyone.

We care about building bridges, and that informs all the work we do. Our community is experiencing many changes, some exciting and some challenging. If elected, our approach will be to listen and act with integrity and transparency to move Germantown forward.


We believe in science and expertise. Doing everything we can to combat climate change is fundamental to our agricultural community. We will support all the hard work our Climate Smart, Solar, and Waterfront Committees are doing to bring Germantown into the twenty-first century.


A local economy is the lifeblood of any town. Our focus will be on supporting the update of local zoning laws and helping small, independent and locally owned businesses to thrive.


Our town is changing rapidly, and it needs a sensible strategy that supports economic opportunities for homeowners who live here, people who need an affordable place to live and the visitors who bring vitality to our town.


We’ll work to further open lines of communication with folks and keep you up to date on the work the board is doing through hosting Town Halls, creating an online community board, posting an annual report card and more.




Anthony Cidras:
“I have been working in various capacities for the Town of Germantown for nearly 20 years. My experience has included Town Board Member, Dog Control Officer and Maintenance Supervisor. I also have a certification in Waste Water Treatment. In my present position as Deputy Highway Superintendent, I have become increasingly familiar with the responsibilities of the position I am seeking.”

Carole Neville: 
“I am a retired lawyer, living full time in Germantown and eager to serve the community.  I have over 35 years of experience in dealing with the judicial system and can bring that knowledge of the rules and ethics to the court for a fair administration of the law.”


Last date to be received by the BOE is October 18 

Oct 8 last day to postmark application

Early Voting Locations:

Columbia County Office Bldg.
401 State Street
Hudson, NY 12534

Martin H. Glynn Municipal Center
3211 Church Street
Valatie, NY 12184

Early Voting Times:

Saturday, October 23 From 9am-2pm
Sunday, October 24 From 9am-2pm
Monday, October 25 From 12pm-8pm
Tuesday, October 26 From 9am-5pm
Wednesday, October 27 From 12pm-8pm
Thursday, October 28 From 9am-5pm
Friday, October 29 From 9am-5pm
Saturday, October 30 From 9am-2pm
Sunday, October 31 From 9am-2pm

General election November 2 6AM-9PM
at the Kellner activities building 54 palatine park rd

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